(10 on 10= 10 photos posted on the 10th of the month)

It is hot out there folks! So, to escape the deep south heat for a bit we made our way through the mountains of Tennessee to a small town called Nashville.  Every three years my extended family has a family reunion right outside of Nashville.  We have a blast together playing out on the lake and just hanging out with family.  Vacations are one of my favorite times to photograph my family.  Getting out of your environment for a small period of time and experiencing new things together is so refreshing.  I love the memories you make while on vacation, and I hope that these captured moments will always remind my family of the love and fun that we have when together.

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Summer started off with a bang, with a visit from Grandma and Grandpa!  We love to find new things to do around town, and a sunset dolphin cruise felt like the perfect summer evening adventure.

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So I have this book memorized that all my boys have loved (and I bought it from Walmart for $1, win!). I eventually had to throw it away, because it was literally falling apart.  Anyways, it was the only thing going through my head as I was looking through these images #momlife.  So, now you can have it stuck in your head too... (you're welcome!) haha!

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(10 on 10= 10 photos posted on the 10th of the month)

Believe it or not, but it has been cold around here lately.  So, when a 70 degree day showed up we took advantage of it!  

and if you can't get enough of this beachy weather you won't be disappointed by my friend, Heather ...who happens to live in Hawaii and is an incredibly talented photographer!  Thanks for stopping by! 


 Welcome to my new 2016 photography project!  10 on 10 = 10 photos posted on the 10th of the month.  Joining me in this project is a very talented group of photographers from all over the US.  Be sure to check out their links as well, because these ladies are so inspiring!  

a chilly, drizzly saturday morning...(but please excuse my eldest sons shorts and t-shirt attire.  We are currently in an ongoing epic battle over wearing pants and proper chilly weather clothing.  sheesh.) 

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