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I am a mama of 3 boys and every now and then I find myself one on one with them.  One on one time is something I keep telling myself to be more intentional about with my kids, I know it is important but it just doesn't happen that much.  This evening together was so much fun, and as I was just focused on him I began to realize how much he had matured just in the past few days.  I saw things about his personality that I hadn't "focused" on before:  his adventurous side, his love for getting dirty, the sweetness of him reaching for my hand, his growing independence, and his love of just being with me.  This moment was so special for me, that I've decided to offer it to my clients as well.  So if you are thinking, "I want to do this with my child/kids!"  Keep your eyes out for upcoming "Mama & Me" sessions! 

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