Shooting Through: July |laurie schultz photography|Savannah, Ga

If you have been following me, you know that I love personal projects.  Personal projects help stretch my creativity and also help me document moments with my family.  This new project I am joining is called "In these Moments", It is a group of photographers who also love capturing life as it happens and once a month we share our visual stories with a central theme.  This months theme you could choose from 3 options:  Strong Black and White, Wicked Bokeh, and/or Shooting Through.  You could choose to make your story from all of these themes, or focus on one.  I chose to focus on "Shooting Through", this theme helped me focus on my surroundings and what I could use around me to shoot through.  

This past week we were on vacation, and it was so fun to find new ways to shoot through as my environment kept changing.  I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into our vacation, can you identify all the things that I used to shoot through?  (Cheat sheet is at the bottom of the page)  

Also, be sure to follow the link after my visual story to check out the next story.


Cheat Sheet of what I shot through: 

1. Passenger seat Headrest 2. Chick Fil A  porch umbrellas + playset glass 3. Hotel water fountain 4, 5. Trees 6. paddles + window light 7. ski boat  8,9. lake water 10. grass + tree 11. my boys + mountain view

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