downpour | Hilton Head Island, SC | laurie schultz photography

"Remember that time we out ran a storm, then went back for more and got caught in a torrential downpour?"  

I'm pretty sure this was the most epic photoshoot I have done yet.  We had about 20 minutes together before it started to rain on us, we then hid for about 5 min under a tree, the rain stopped so we went back out for more and had another 5 min before the torrential downpour got us good.  Everyone had such a good time with this though and we definitely made memories that i'm sure these kids won't forget soon!  Honestly, I LOVE all of these photos, especially the rainy moments...and am ready to do another session just like this!  So...who wants to book a rainy day session?  I can't thank these clients and friends of mine enough for their amazing attitudes and ability to just have FUN and go with the flow.  Their fun personalities definitely show in these photos!  

Together again | Tybee Island, Ga | laurie schultz photography

The sounds of a deserted beach at sunrise are some of the most relaxing and soothing sounds (the roar of the waves, seagulls muffled squawking).  This gorgeous family agreed to meet me at sunrise when the threat of rain kept increasing for later in the day.  As I waited for them at the end of the beach pathway, I started to hear muffled voices walking toward me, those muffled voices turned into joyful and excited chatter.  It had not even been 48 hours since this family had been reunited (part of this family lives in Africa!), and you could hear and feel the joy and excitement they had of just being together again.  What a joy for me to be able to capture this special time in their family's life.  This also was the littlest member of the family's first time at the beach!  His first time putting his toes in the sand and in the warm ocean water.  What a fun morning it was experiencing all of this with them, I quickly fell in love with them.  

it's a boy! | savannah photographer| laurie schultz photography

Last week my niece came to visit!!  We had so much fun showing her and my brother and sister in law around town and having impromptu dance parties at night.  Also, I have to add that my niece favored me over my husband...which is like a HUGE win for me because my husband is a kid magnet (sorry babe! hehe).  While they were here we had to sneak in some maternity pics...because look how gorgeous they are!  We snapped these photos so quick because hello it's July and like a bazillion degrees outside!  This session is proof that you can still get beautiful family photos taken in the heat of the summer!  Anyways, I cannot wait until I get to meet my newest nephew, let the countdown begin! 

sun drenched | laurie schultz photography | tybee island, ga

Back in December I had the opportunity to speak at a local MOPS group about "How to take extraordinary photos of your kids."  I challenged the group of moms to capture not just smiling photos, but the moments that they actually want to remember.  Mamas...this is my charge to you, whenever you get that feeling or thought in your head saying, "I don't ever want to forget this"...snap a photo of it!   You won't ever regret taking a photo (your kids might regret it, haha! But you won't!) . At the end of the meeting I picked a winner for a free mini session, and this mama was the lucky winner!  

This sweet family was my last session before my maternity leave.  Don't worry...I'm still booking July and beyond, so if you want to get on my schedule click HERE!  Keep in mind that Sept-Nov are highly popular months and are already starting to fill!  I believe I only have 3 spots left for those months!  

Now...enjoy this sun drenched beach session.  Beach season is almost here and I cannot wait!  

Off the beaten path | laurie schultz photography | savannah, ga

I have had my eye on this location for some time and was hoping a family would come along that would be up for venturing off the beaten path a bit.  I have become obsessed with finding locations around town that seem a bit undiscovered, and untapped.  Living in Savannah, Ga there is literally beauty everywhere and i'd love to showcase more spots around town that seem to go unnoticed.  If this fits your style too...lets collaborate (click HERE)!

Springtime in Savannah is so beautiful and this evening was perfection with its coastal breeze and sparkling sunset.  Anytime you have a Savannah evening with a breeze and no gnats, I call that a WIN!  But my absolute favorite part of this evening was just spending time with this sweet family.  They each truly have the most beautiful souls, and I loved being with them and experiencing the sweetness of each relationship.  From mom and dad's loving hearts, to the silliness of the little sibs, and the sweet bond of the older children...they were so fun to interact with.  I hope you feel all the warmth and love as you browse through this session...

First Birthday | laurie schultz photography| Savannah, Ga

Photographing this family was easy peasy because they are MY family!!! My sister and brother in law adopted my sweet nephew 1 year ago.  Their story is kind of epic and they are amazing story tellers, so to hear the whole background of how this went down click HERE (and bring your tissues).  

He is such a little ball of sunshine.  What is really funny is that I think sometimes he thinks that I am his mommy (bc my sis and I kinda look least we are told), so because of this I always get the biggest smiles and hugs from him.  Oh man I will milk this for as long as I can get away with it!  Happy first birthday sweet boy!  I love you so much and can't wait to see/hear about all the trouble you will get into this year!